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Vocal for Local has become the latest trending slogan which has emerged in 2020. However, the idea behind this movement is not new. It finds its roots in the Swadeshi movement which was popularised in 1905 during the Indian independence struggle. Developed and promoted by Mahatma Gandhi and the other great freedom fighters, Swadeshi was conceived as a way to imbibe nationalism and nationalistic pride among Indians.

If the coronavirus pandemic taught us anything, it is this: we need to make sure we can meet our own demand for products. With countries closing down their borders and consolidating inventories, the movement of goods and services across the world came to a virtual standstill. Nations were struggling to meet their basic requirements and to substitute for products which are generally imported from other countries.

Global integration and the promotion of international trade has taught us the advantages of division of labour — instead of producing everything you require if instead, you focus on a few commodities, your expertise in producing that commodity will increase several-fold. Division of labour is what led to the creation of widespread global supply chains.

Shree Veer Organics is supporting the Local for Vocal Campaign from our Honourable Prime Minister Mr Narendra Modi by uplifting them to get digital and elevate their sales.